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privacy policy 

"About the handling of personal information"


In providing our services related to J-FCE (hereinafter referred to as "our services"), we obtain personal information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") from our customers.

1. Personal information to be obtained
In providing our services, we may obtain the following personal information.

-Profile information (name, date of birth)
-Contact information (email address, phone number, Location or hotel name in Japan)
-Payment method information (credit card information, etc.)
-Other information entered or sent by the customer through input forms or other methods specified by our company


2. Purpose of use
We use your personal information for the following purposes.
(1) To carry out business related to the sale, provision, and payment of our and third party products, rights, services, etc.
(2) To advertise or promote our and third party products, etc. (including sending e-mails, flyers, and other direct mail) or to send e-mail magazines
(3) To notify you of campaigns, surveys, and requests for service improvement interviews, etc.
(4) To manage seminars and events
(5) To conduct marketing activities and statistical analysis of marketing data
(6) To manage customer information, other various communications, response management, etc.
(7) To support products, services, etc., and respond to inquiries, etc.
(8) To conduct statistical analysis of marketing data
(9) To develop and improve our products and services, etc.
(10) To maintain the system and respond to malfunctions
(11) To exercise rights and fulfill obligations based on contracts and laws, etc.
(12) For other purposes individually specified for each of our services

We will not use your personal information beyond the reasonable scope of the purpose of use notified to you when we receive your personal information. If it becomes necessary to use it for purposes other than these, we will notify you in advance.

In addition, we may obtain information about customers from other businesses (internal identifiers, advertising identifiers, cookies, email addresses, usage history, etc.), combine it with the customer's personal information held by us, and use it within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes of use.

3. Safety management
When handling customer personal information, we have appointed a personal information protection manager in the department responsible for managing the personal information obtained in this transaction, and we manage it appropriately.
We implement appropriate and reasonable safety measures to protect customer personal information against unauthorized access from outside, as well as loss, destruction, tampering, etc.


<Contact for inquiries regarding management of personal information>
JFCE Personal Information Protection Manager, Shidax Corporation

4. Provision to third parties
We will not provide, disclose, or share personal information to third parties unless we have obtained consent from the customer or are permitted by law.
For example, we will provide, disclose, or share personal information to third parties in the following cases.

・Joint use
Depending on the form of use of this transaction used by the client, we will jointly use it as follows.
・Items of personal data to be jointly used
Information described in "1. Personal information to be acquired"
・Scope of parties to joint use
〇When using the on-site servicetype: The accommodation facility where the client stays and the restaurant where the client requests on-site service
〇When using the in-store type: The restaurant where the client visits
・Purpose of use by the users
Same as the purpose of use described in "2. Purpose of use"
・Name or title and address of the person responsible for managing the personal data, and the name of the representative in the case of a corporation


3-6-3 Chofu-ga-oka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0021
Sidax Corporation
Representative Director Shida Kin-ichi


・Publication by the person himself/herself
Content posted by customers, such as reviews, may be viewable by third parties depending on the public/private settings and the recipient.

・Contracting out
In order to carry out our business, we may disclose your personal information to our contractors only as much as is necessary. We will enter into a contract regarding the protection of personal information with these contractors and will provide necessary and appropriate management and supervision to ensure that the contractors comply with the contract.

・Business succession
In the event of an inter-company transaction related to our business covered by this policy, such as an acquisition, merger, or change of business entity, personal information may be transferred to the business successor to the extent permitted by law.

・Compliance and cooperation with public institutions
In the event of a request in accordance with legal procedures such as a warrant, personal information may be disclosed to third parties such as law enforcement agencies and courts based on the law.

・Collaboration with other businesses
When you use the services of other businesses that collaborate with us, or when we conduct marketing activities and advertising through other businesses that collaborate with us, we may provide your personal information to the other businesses. Please note that the personal information provided by us will be limited to the minimum necessary to achieve the purpose.


5. Acquisition by third parties
In addition to "4. Provision to third parties," we may allow partner companies to acquire customer information using "cookies" and "application development kits." Use of personal information by partner companies other than our company will be in accordance with the privacy policy of each partner company.

For example, in order to improve our services, we use Google Analytics from Google to measure our services, such as websites. In order to obtain data, Google may set cookies or read existing cookies. In that case, information such as the URL and IP address of the page you accessed will be automatically sent to Google. We may use such information to understand usage status and for our services. For information on how Google handles data in Google Analytics, please refer to the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.


6. Deletion
When we no longer need to use the personal information we have obtained, we strive to delete the personal information without delay. If you request to delete your account, we will delete your information in accordance with the law and our internal regulations after retaining it for a certain period of time.


7. About customers
If you wish to disclose, correct, add, delete, suspend use, or erase your personal information (collectively referred to as "disclosure, etc."), please contact the "Personal Information Inquiry Reception Desk" (hereinafter referred to as the "Reception Desk") listed below. We will respond to your request within a reasonable range after confirming your identity.

In addition, the Reception Desk accepts requests for notification of the purpose of use of personal information, consultations, complaints, and other inquiries regarding your personal information.


<Inquiries regarding personal information>
Shidax Corporation JFCE Customer Support


8. Other important information
Revision of this policy
We may revise this "Personal Information Handling Policy" at any time without prior notice in response to changes in laws and regulations or as necessary. In this case, we will post the latest version on this website. Regardless of the content of the "Personal Information Handling Policy" at the time you viewed it, we will always handle your information according to the latest version.

Personal Information Handling Business
・Name or Company Name Shidax Corporation
・Address 3-6-3 Chofu-gaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0021
・Name of Representative Representative Director and President Shida Kin-ichi

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